Cybersecurity has become a confusing labyrinth of vendors and solutions - luckily there's a one-stop shop: Port53
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Cybersecurity has become a confusing labyrinth of vendors and solutions - luckily there's a one-stop shop: Port53

Omar Zarabi, Port53
Omar Zarabi, Port53

Omar Zarabi, Port53

From the cloud to the endpoint, organizations need a vanguard partner to protect their perimeters and secure their digital estates

When it comes to cybersecurity, the world beyond the ramparts rarely improves. New threats appear, old threats reemerge, and fresh vectors are exploited. The cybercriminal remains a wily adversary, adaptable and slippery. But none of this means that we are powerless to defend ourselves from digital eels. Our threat postures are important, and the years to come can be safer if we act now to establish strong cybersecurity measures.

US businesses have always found themselves in the crosshairs of bad actors, but the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic placed many employees in remote-working environments, authenticating themselves to networks outside the control of corporate IT, using devices that were unvetted. PwC reported a surge in social engineering and business email compromise (BEC) campaigns as COVID-19 working conditions took hold. Deloitte also noted a surge in cyberattacks during the COVID era, citing “phishing attacks, malspams and ransomware” as malicious parties leveraged the pandemic to impersonate trusted sources such as retail brands and international health organizations.

Prior to the outbreak, PwC conducted a simulated phishing attack on US-based financial firms and found that 70% of campaign emails reached their targets, with 7% of recipients clicking on infected links. "As has been proven time and time again, it only takes one," the report said. This is bad news for smaller businesses, who lack the budgets for traditional enterprise-grade protections and tend to rely more heavily on user discretion for their security.

In the admirable rush to protect the health of their employees, small and mid-sized businesses placed themselves at the mercy of cyber-attackers. The rise of ransomware, for example, has coincided with an escalation of SME targets. Data has become a valuable asset and attackers have learned that by going after low-hanging fruit, they can create value for themselves just as efficiently as if they had spent months targeting a Fortune 500 company. Smaller organizations have gems aplenty but do not have the resources to protect their perimeter.

At Port53, we have made it our mission to lead the way in delivering enterprise-grade threat postures to SMBs. From technology solutions to policy formulation, we lay strong foundations and build robust digital estates on top of them. With our help, small and mid-sized businesses have become stronger and more able to withstand the onslaught of malicious campaigns.

Through the power of Cisco SecureX, for example, Port53 connects an SMB’s entire infrastructure to best-in-class protections traditionally available only to large-scale businesses. In 2020, we empowered more than 1,000 customers with top-grade protections that fit their operational models and budgets, but we’ve just scratched the surface. 14 million US-based SMB customers in the US are yet to improve their security posture in order to protect their organizations which are forced to shift to a new remote work environment.

And in a world where persistent skills gaps in the field of cybersecurity make it all but impossible to establish effective in house security operations centers, Port53 has devised another approach: SOC-as-a-Service. By handing over the detection-and-response function to us, organizations receive the ultimate cloud-based, enterprise-grade, round-the-clock protections – their own dedicated cybersecurity nerve-center.

Aside from COVID and the digital barbarians at the gates, today’s small business must cope with escalating compliance obligations. Checklist methodologies are fast being supplanted by cybersecurity-maturity models. At Port53, we have developed a process that audits environments and security stacks and moves to rapid deployment of solutions, guided by risk-triage. Through a partnership with compliance leader TrustMAPP, we create a roadmap, informed by data gathered in real time along with budgetary constraints and business goals.

To learn more about how Port53 can help you tailor your threat posture to the challenges you face, visit

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