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Leon Ravenna, CISO, KAR Auction Services Inc.
Leon Ravenna, CISO, KAR Auction Services Inc.

Leon Ravenna, CISO, KAR Auction Services Inc.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain are considered the “Big Three” new opportunities for cyber security experts. While all three innovations can help automate processes and simplify workflows, they aren’t as seamless as you would expect, and they all require accelerated cyber security strategy to keep up with their evolution. Before companies can tackle the Big Three, preparation could include a digital transformation — whether it’s to improve platforms, upgrade infrastructure or ensure solutions are integrated throughout the enterprise.

Digital Transformation Engagement

Many companies have embarked on the digital transformation journey. Simply stated, digital transformation is critical tokeep up with the competition and not fall victim to fully digital, fast-movingstart-ups aimed squarely at taking their share of your core business.

While digital transformation offers great opportunities to improve processes and the customer experience,a company can fail in grand fashion if it hasn’t facilitated strong internal partnerships that fully engage all areas impacted by the transformation. It is critical that the CIO and CISO work in tandem to ensure that security and privacy measures are considered in each step of the transformation. Dependingon the industry,companies may be required to meet strict regulatory and compliance guidelines.

Perhaps the most fundamental question for the CISO to ask is, “How effectively is information security working with IT to deliver on digital transformation?”Is information security:

• Meeting IT at every point of the transformation journey?

• Incorporating security items to the IT cadence?

Another critical question is, “If information security is not at the table or helping drive transformation, what does the CIO or CISO need todo to get them involved?”Building strong security into products and services builds customer trust. It is important to get buy-in from all parties throughout the transformation process. While it may be challenging to develop this collaboration in some cases, the results, when successful,are rewarding.

How the Big Three Can Help

Once you’ve laid the groundwork, it’s time to consider the “Big Three” —artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain initiatives — especially if they can solve specific company issues or improve the customer experience. Artificial intelligence is helping companies better forecast trends and find deficiencies. Machine learning is already helping automate what were considered routine tasks and improving customer interactions. Blockchain technology is helping secure digital identity or access to IoT (the Internet of Things)— helping prevent the potential for compromise. These steps all make the security analysts’ job easier —creating efficiencies and increasing value in their work.   


Digital transformation is happening and forcing businesses to adapt. If you have any doubt of this, just go to your local fast-food restaurant, where you may interact with a touch screen rather than a cashier. As cybersecurity leaders, we must partner with other enterprise leaders, especially the CIO,to plan for the road ahead and integrate the digital transformation into the normal course of work. Additionally,we should consider implementing these new technologies, the “Big Three,” to strengthen platform security, improve the customer experience and more seamlessly predict and adapt to change.

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