Top 20 Cyber Security Solution Companies - 2021

Top 20 Cyber Security Solution Companies - 2021

    Top Cyber Security Solution Companies

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    Since its inception, Findings has been driven by the mission and vision to help businesses eliminate security or privacy regulation concerns for their supply chain operations. To make this a reality, the company has architected its proprietary platform that helps both enterprises and vendors. To elucidate, by using this platform, enterprises, on the one hand, can automate vendor security programs, continuously monitor long-tail exposure, manage on-boarding, event-driven and continuous risk, among others. On the other hand, the platform equips vendors with the capability to showcase their security posture to customers, automate assessment & RFP response, and meet customer requirements

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    Founded in 2014, Roqos provides innovative cybersecurity and VPN solutions via the Roqos Core appliances and the Roqos Cloud. It is a comprehensive solution as it not only does detection and reporting but also cybersecurity enforcement by blocking malware, realtime alerting of suspicious activities, and automatic updates of malware databases and software. For example, Roqos Core appliances installed at employees’ homes provide a secure connection to company resources while protecting company devices and segregating them from employees’ other devices and preventing family members from accessing the company network. Further, the reasonable cost of Roqos Core appliances and the annual Roqos Protection fee makes it affordable to use. Another point of differentiation is that the Roqos Core appliances can be installed and managed remotely by intuitive desktop and phone apps and browsers that do not require any technical knowledge