Fortinet: Transcending Traditional Security Requirements

Andrew Del Matto, CFO
Cyber security has evolved to be the prime concern for contemporary business leaders irrespective of the size or objectives of organizations. Cyber threats fail to be uniform in direction, and tend to be highly deceptive and sophisticated, increasing the burden of organizations. This trend is visible in the recent surveys conducted by Fortinet, Inc, which states that only twenty eight percent of CIOs are content with the security in place, and majority of companies strongly feel the need for modifications to existing security measures across the organization. Moreover, security issues are the principal concern for more than seventy percent of CIOs and other executives.

As the security landscape evolves, firms are forced to implement a different approach towards security deployment that provides necessary speed and scalability to address cyber attacks. Fortinet, one of the leading providers of Network Security, headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, comes to the rescue of the companies. “Our approach to security is in alignment with the current security industry. We provide clients with a highly barricaded and focused security platform, instead of merely implementing security as an add–on to network or similar aspects,” explains Andrew Del Matto, CFO, Fortinet. “Our platform, Fortigate Next Generation Firewall, is available as a physical appliance as well as a virtual appliance.”

At Fortinet, an apt technology implementation is more than deployment and extends to ensuring performance of the security features. Organizational requirements for security always tend to be unique, and calls for enhanced performance and scalability at all levels. The scenario requires superior skills such as those extended by Fortinet. The company’s solutions, such as Cloud, SDN, Data Center Firewall, Advanced Threat Protection, Unique Threat Firewall and Internal Network Firewall follow a design that is driven by the security needs for any organization. The solutions focus not only on managing the diverse needs of security, but also on detecting and defending as well as eliminating threat across different networks. “Since Fortinet deploys integrated platforms, the ability to provide an inter-connected network becomes easy.
Also, it is possible to enhance operational networking and security that helps clients actually manage their diverse security needs, as it is often tough to scale and manage the network,” adds Del Matto. “It is also imperative to mention the high-performance, while providing top of class effectiveness extended by these solutions against dynamic security threats, which in turn simplifies the overall IT security deployment while still supporting the performance needs of the business.”

At the core of their solutions range is the Internal Network Firewall (INFW). Unique in nature, it supports the sophisticated security needs of today that arise with the full-fledged adoption of technological advancements in the form of BYOD, Cloud, Big Data, or Mobility into any organizational process. Recent surveys indicate the reality that many serious threats come from within a company, necessitating an inside out approach. In other words, the need for an internal security system with the potential to identify and counter the complex threats to the network is fulfilled by Fortinet INFW. It is best defined as the new model of Firewall that prevents highly variable advanced threats from gaining prominence in open networks with significant vulnerability to such threats.

Since Fortinet deploys integrated platforms, the ability to provide an intelligent, interconnected, and highly secure network becomes easy

The firm has resolved complexities associated with high-speed transactions for several industries, by providing an integrated platform for network and deploying highly sophisticated security measurements. Going forward, the firm has plans to facilitate the increasing need for larger bandwidth across industries.


Sunnyvale, CA

Andrew Del Matto, CFO

A provider of network security who offers solutions marked by speed and scalability which is in sync with today’s requirements.

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