Lookingglass Cyber Solutions, Inc.: Cyber Threat Visibility Beyond the Perimeter

Chris Coleman, CEO
The interconnected world of today is channelized with communication flow, which not only brings prolific IT possibilities to organizations but also dire risks of cyber espionage. Without adequate intelligence, information grid is a flimsy resource that does not provide any assured protection from cyber attacks. String of networks that an organization builds with its partners and customers comprises various anomalies that should be assessed thoroughly as they could carry threats that can lead to the impairment of valuable assets. Arlington, VA based Lookingglass has staged its solutions and expertise to help organizations harness all-source threat intelligence and understand when and where threats intersect the Internet, enterprise, and its extended ecosystem.The company assembles multiple sources that ingest disparate data formats at varying intervals and processes them into usable information.

Lookingglass is transforming the art of threat intelligence with innovative technology that empowers customers with complete and relevant risk information, delivering confidence, streamlining workflows, and radically driving efficiencies. “Our threat intelligence management system delivers content, context, and intangibility in risk and security operations decision support,” delineates Chris Coleman, CEO, Lookingglass. Managing these threats is ScoutVision™, a platform developed by Lookingglass to increase the visibility within and beyond the network perimeter, enabling customers to continuously assess and mitigate threats. ScoutVision is known for its ability to provide a holistic dynamic defense, which compiles anomalous activities from multiple sources, and aggregates these sources to build the most accurate intelligence picture. The disparate pieces obtained from these sources form an image that is greater than the sum of its parts, creating threat knowledge that enables proactive security. “As the defender, you have to have as much information as possible about the entities beyond the perimeter that are transacting with your business,” states Coleman. With the aforementioned tools, customers are proffered with intelligence and the associated threats, which can be assessed to comprehend the risks pertaining with the collection or entities.

To further enhance their dynamic threat intelligence technology, Lookingglass recently acquired CloudShield for harnessing their expertise in Deep Packet Processing (DPP).
DPP goes beyond inspecting the threats and all the way through to processing it. DPP delivers the ability to inspect, forward, drop, clone, or even modify network traffic, at line rates. Through CloudShield’s DPP, Lookingglass now provides the intelligence and horsepower to perform packet inspection and processing on fully-loaded 10GbE links, with corresponding capability to inspect and manipulate aspects of every packet on multiple network links, at up to 30 million packets per second.

Various Fortune 500 customers from financial, telecommunication, and government sectors have leveraged the expertise of Lookingglass. In an implementation highlight, one financial service customer was researching correlated set of entities that were denying their firm to access their firewalls. ScoutVision helped the client in correlating these entities’ information, which enabled them to determine the impending risks and take the necessary steps.

As the defender, you have to have as much information as possible about the entities beyond the perimeter that are transacting with your business

Lookingglass has cemented their foothold in the current threat intelligence landscape vehemently, irrespective of the magnitude of the competition. “For a company that wants to manifest a long term sustainment in the competitive world, it is essential to focus on your team and the game plan to execute,” explains Coleman. Going forward, Lookingglass intends to rollout more products that will work in collaboration with CloudShield technology. Scaling the business internationally is also on the company’s to-do list. Mergers and acquisitions of prominent firms will be a target in the near future too. “We will be looking for organizations that are unique and have specific technology that can enable us to reach our vision,” concludes Coleman.

Lookingglass Cyber Solutions, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Chris Coleman, CEO

The company collects and processes all source intelligence, connecting organizations to valuable information through its cyber threat intelligence monitoring and management platform.