VigiTrust: Security Awareness and Assessments through Cloud Based Solutions

Matheiu Gorge, CEO
In cyber space, today’s threat landscape is extremely broad and many organizations struggle to combat continually evolving threats. Furthermore, laws and regulations are one step behind cyber-attackers and difficult to apply. In organizations, there is often a disconnect between operational IT security and C-staff and boards. These results in poor, inefficient and even disjointed security measures to protect the enterprise. “The real challenge for enterprises today is to elevate security issues to the boardroom so that key decision makers are able to visualize the impact of poor security on their P&L and share price,” begins Mathieu Gorge, CEO, VigiTrust.

Based in Dublin, Ireland with US headquarters in NY, VigiTrust addresses these challenges with its 5 Pillars of Security Framework™ aimed at demystifying security for C-level executives and boards. Whether you look at US State or Federal PII laws, EU Data Protection, APAC privacy regimes, NIST Cyber security Framework, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 or even COBIT, all regulations, guidelines and standards dial back to five key areas: Physical security, People Security, Data Security, Infrastructure Security and Crisis Management. “Executives can understand cyber risks and security if it is presented to them in business language and if they are shown the business benefits of good security versus the business impact of poor security,” says Gorge.

VigiTrust’s help organizations understand. “Thanks to VigiTrust’s Security Discovery Workshops (SDW) and Security Mentoring Program (SMP), VigiTrust produces security blueprints for clients to understand their ecosystem, data flow, applicable security mandates, company security culture as well as risk appetite. Clients learn ways to take tactical corrective action and build a continuous compliance roadmap,” says Gorge. VigiTrust supplies full or part time security experts who mentor clients throughout the project as part of the SMP. VigiTrust also allows organizations to educate all staff on security and compliance matters through its eLearning platform which boasts over 25 security and information governance courses in multiple languages.

VigiTrust’s flagship solution, MCP (Merchant Compliance Portal), is a midmarket solution aimed at merchant aggregators such as franchisors, acquiring banks, chains and trade associations. This is complemented by a Fraud Management and Security incident module which allows aggregators to securely collect relevant data to understand the correlation between security levels, compliance status and fraud/incident levels.
VigiTrust also launched an Enterprise GRC tool called SAMS, Security Accreditation Management System, which is an end to end project management cloud based solution to achieve and maintain compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA and Vendor Risk Management mandates.

VigiTrust has been especially strong within the hospitality industry and is helping large hotel groups to achieve and maintain compliance across multiple geographies and in multiple languages. “The hospitality industry faces very specific challenges as it has a lot of data to curate and manage,” says Gorge. “Hotels collect and store personal data, credit card data and even health information,” he adds. VigiTrust has fully understood this complex mix of data security and compliance mandates and has helped the hospitality industry to effectively manage their security.

VigiTrust’s core strength is to keep ahead of the legal, operational and technical security and compliance challenges that its clients face. It operates a continuous market watch which is complemented by its advisory board comprised of over 60 CEOs, CFOs, Risk managers, payments and fraud experts.

All VigiTrust GRC solutions and cyber security services are based on the 5 Pillars of Security Framework which is aimed at demystifying security for C-level executives and board members

Moving forward, VigiTrust plans to double in size in the coming year and consolidate its place as a market leader in the GRC space in the US and in Europe. VigiTrust continually innovates, adding new modules to its eLearning portfolio, incorporating new regulations and frameworks to its GRC tools especially around Vendor Risk Management, Fraud Management, and Incident management.


Dublin, Ireland, US HQ, Madison Ave, NYC

Matheiu Gorge, CEO

A security firm specializing in cloud based eLearning programs, security compliance GRC portals and providing security assessments based on the 5 Pillars of Security Framework.