Logsign: Next-gen SIEM to Simplify Log Management Process

Veysel Ataytür, Co-founder & CEO
Each passing year has seen an exponential rise in cyber threat incidents that have not only grown in numbers, but also in sophistication. Enterprises today are highly challenged to detect and block these enhanced and organized cybersecurity threats and build a security grid across their organizations. To mitigate the security breaches, businesses are on a constant lookout to implement an effective Security information and event management (SIEM) that effectively supports threat detection and security incident response in real-time. “Most SIEM solutions in the market today are highly priced, complex to deploy and use, and are not customer-oriented. Coupled with this is the major dearth of experts who can manage and continuously monitor security,” notes Veysel Ataytür, Co-founder and CEO, Logsign. Logsign provides a full-feature, all-in-one SIEM solution that unifies security intelligence, log management and compliance applied. “We initiated the development of a SIEM solution with a better price-performance ratio for the SMB's and small-mid enterprises,” highlights Ataytür.

Ataytür believes that, security starts with awareness, and high levels of analysis capabilities are integral to understand and catch the advanced attacks. Logsign, after proving years in the areas of log management and compliance reporting, in 2014 started focusing on security intelligence, with the vision to pace up with the continuously growing cybersecurity market. Logsign offers highly visualized, security analytics driven, user-friendly and customizable dashboards, reports and alarms with high analysis and mathematical computing abilities. “We help companies keep their cybersecurity at the highest level by creating great awareness with our reports and security analytics driven dashboards,” says Ataytür.

Backed by a diligent technical support team, Logsign provides customers with a reliable solution that helps them improve their security by generating higher ROI in the competitive SIEM market. The solution monitors the cloud and local data, increases awareness through its smartly designed, security-oriented dashboards and provides clear understanding of machine data, enabling reliable, actionable insights in real-time.

We help companies keep their cybersecurity at the highest level by creating great awareness with our reports and security analytics driven dashboards

“The core features of our solutions include—log and event data centralization, event mapping, real-time correlation and historical and real-time analysis,” adds Ataytür. Through these unique components Logsign collects all logs and event data comprehensively from various sources such as firewalls, routers, IDS/IPS, network devices, Windows, Linux/Unix, databases, VMware ESX, mail servers, and web servers. With a smartly designed NoSQL and HDFS embedded architecture, the firm enables faster indexing, search, effective storage, clustering, distributed back up, and fast access to both stored and live data. “Our solutions are easy to deploy within a week, on physical, virtual and cloud environments,” says the CEO.

Logsign’s extensive correlation library includes hundreds of predefined rules to detect anomalies and threats, and also has the ability to mine historical data in real-time. The company triggers real-time alerts by messages or emails and responds automatically for improving security that helps customers to stay compliant and ready with forensic investigations. This is achieved through Logsign’s automated compliance reports, digital hashing, digital signature and long term archiving for compliances including—PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, FISMA, and SOX.

Sketching the future of the cybersecurity arena Ataytur exclaims, “The cybersecurity market will be composed of more intelligent and fully-automated products by 2020, and we are already preparing ourselves for this.” Further highlighting his plan for the upcoming years, Ataytür asserts, “We have recently introduced our co-managed services, and are all set to release our machine learning based products by the initial days of 2017.”


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Veysel Ataytür, Co-founder & CEO

Provides next generation SIEM solution, primarily focused on security intelligence, log management and easier compliance reporting