MeasuredRisk: See Risk as MeasuredRisk sees Risk

Tom Albert, CEO
In order to combat the increasingly novel cyber attack strategies by hackers, enterprises have to be equipped with proactive cutting-edge technology solutions. Tom Albert, CEO and Founder, MeasuredRisk, shares insights about the company’s unique risk centric platform that shackles security breaches while providing cyber intelligence and advisory services.

Designed for C-level Consumption

There are a multitude of point solutions in the market, but none that are oriented at the C-Suite. Most of the ‘solutions’ today, are components of a broader architecture. Cyber is only one part of the problem. There is a multitude of other factors—human, geopolitical, supply chain, fraud, etc. that all needs to be contextually examined. If board level assertions need to be made around risk that needs to be automated and presented in such a way that the board members can understand. The interface to MeasuredRisk is designed for C-Level consumption.

Harvesting Relevant Data to Initiate Critical Action

We are proud to have Roger Berry, a F500 CIO, on our leadership team. Roger is considered “The Strategist” for his thought leadership and is ensuring alignment of our platform to meet the needs of his peers. The challenge facing CIOs is part technological, part human. Today, most organizations leverage a myriad of tools, services, etc. and that compilation of the best information available is fed through the CISO. So, the CISO has a tough job. They have to translate technical data outputs to the broader C-Suite. Our platform harvests data from multiple sources set against criterion relevant to each business; distills this information and enables key business decisions to be made.

An Insight into Risk Awareness

MeasuredRisk looks out over hundreds of key risk indicators (KRI), algorithmically determining whether an organization is experiencing risk across geography, operations and cyber, continuously.

We enable business leaders to make mission critical risk-centric decisions

When an individual logs into our dashboard, they see immediately where their greatest risks exist. It’s weighted, delivered to the appropriate C-Level executive, and measures the risk status.

We Understand the Market Well

Our differentiators are: A ‘best-of-breed’ team with an acute understanding of the market. We know the need, the why and the how. The platform is being built by some of the best data scientists on the planet and redefines how business leaders will see risk. The MeasuredRisk Platform delivers information only relevant to the organization.

A Proactive Security Platform

Our platform is a living entity, evolving and adapting to enable business leaders to be aware; be ready for the risk(s) that they face today and to equip them to face risk challenges in the future.

A Holistic Perspective

Well, growing up, I was a captain of my wrestling team and also studied art. I also fly fish and have an amazing family. I’ve seen failure and success in this industry. So, the wrestling gives me resilience. The artist gives me vision. The fly-fishing gives me precision. My family gives me support. And I give my full commitment to every person in MeasuredRisk who are empowered to be more successful and happy than in any other endeavor they otherwise might pursue.


Arlington, VA

Tom Albert, CEO

Provider of unique security platform enabling C-suite to take necessary action