Leonardo: Securing Cyberspace Comprehensively

Andrea Biraghi, Managing Director
The increasing flexibility of virtual environments and the availability of Internet-accessible services are presenting a new set of risks for every business. Andrea Biraghi, managing director of Leonardo, a provider of high-technology solutions and services for physical and cybersecurity, highlights that CIOs today face cybersecurity challenges from rogue elements which can be a terrorist, a criminal, or simply a competitor. Moreover, as many companies march toward digital transformation and IoT adoption, the threat vector in the cyberspace has only broadened. This virtual world presents myriad risks, defined by threats and vulnerabilities that are intrinsic to the very nature of the industry and the people working in it. The severity of these threats is being taken to greater level through an enormously fast-growing malware industry.

A major player in aerospace, defense, and security, Leonardo has always been at the forefront of securing the cyber-physical space. Leonardo brings cybersecurity and cyber resilience to their customers with their leading-edge threat intelligence with cognitive techniques, and cyber-physical capabilities for securing the growing IoT-based world. As a “full-cycle” cybersecurity service provider, Leonardo excels as a system integrator, assessing and designing the solutions required to make businesses secure and resilient. The company’s security and information systems continually monitor and measure the performance of the security implementations.

Biraghi highlights that today, the challenge is to create the sense of urgency internally to accurately allocate and commit human attention and economic resources to the cybersecurity issue. “Addressing these concerns, Leonardo delivers services to constantly monitor and measure the performance of the security, and strives to have the technology and business approach of the clients aligned with the market developments.” This helps clients anticipate threats and tackle them effectively. With a strong focus on quality, reliability, and innovation, Leonardo tests, selects and integrates the best-of-breed third-party components, and re-engineers them with additional capability and services. Furthermore, the company also carries out many in-house developments in processes and technologies.
The company does this by leveraging internal threat intelligence solutions, proprietary software, and the largest private high-performance computing (HPC) center dedicated to cyber intelligence in Europe.

Leonardo delivers services to constantly monitor and measure the performance of the security, and strives to have the technology and business approach of the clients aligned with the market developments

Additionally, Leonardo is one among the founders of the European Cyber Security Organization, a supporter of the European Union drive towards a continent-wide cybersecurity and a partner to several Universities’ Cyber Labs. Through these endeavors, Leonardo effectively contributes to improving the efficiency of the cybersecurity, both regarding regulations and technologies, including securing supply chains, embedded platforms, and critical telecommunications.

With most cybersecurity companies continuing to acquire other companies in the market to complement their portfolio and grow market share, they are inadvertently creating gaps in addressing the security issues comprehensively. Aware of these loopholes in the cybersecurity ecosystem, Leonardo carefully plugs these gaps with their end-to-end expertise, approach, and cybersecurity solutions. While the cybersecurity market is growing faster worldwide, malware are being created in many units per second. Every player in the market is fighting to cope with these trends. Therefore, Leonardo continues to pursue a strategy of footprint expansion both from an organizational viewpoint and a technological viewpoint, to quickly enlarge the portfolio to integrate new capabilities required to counter new threats. “Leonardo is actively working both on acquisition opportunities and on open innovation,” says Biraghi.


Rome, Italy

Andrea Biraghi, Managing Director

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