Lastline Inc.: Blending Behavioral Data with Artificial Intelligence

Christopher Kruegel, Co-Founder & CPO
With the rise in cybercrime, the level of the security can make or break an organization. While most threats enter an enterprise through emails and infiltrate the network, there is equally the risk of insider threats that result in a data breach. These vulnerabilities leave both email servers and enterprise networks at risk of large-scale malicious attacks. Owing to the shortage of cybersecurity talent and lack of analytical expertise, most companies fail to protect their systems and the infrastructure from malicious intrusion. In the pursuit of helping enterprises avert attacks by identifying threats early, Lastline Inc., a California-based network security company, leverages artificial intelligence-based cybersecurity tools to secure the data and the infrastructure. "We offer an adaptive technology that leverages rich contextual data and AI to detect zero-day threats in email and networks and nip the threats in the bud," says Christopher Kruegel, the Co-founder, and Chief Product Officer at Lastline.

The traditional threat detection measures such as signatures and prior knowledge are deemed obsolete for eliminating newer threats. Lastline differentiates itself in the market with its ability to apply AI in a practical and highly effective way. The company uses sensors to detect anomalies in the behavior across the network and the email server. The sensors employed on-premise alert the security team about the threat level related to each email and network activity within the infrastructure. The data collected is shared across the company’s customer base to improve every client’s ability to detect new attacks. Lastline also works with partner companies to gain access to and share results with endpoint and other perimeter security solutions.

Behavioral threat data along with network activity is analyzed by the company’s AI system to identify the threats with detailed context of each attack. By deploying AI against behavioral data and network traffic, the company handsomely eliminates the problem of false positives. “We use AI to sift through huge volumes of data to find previously unknown threats,” says Kruegel. In an age where ransomware and crypto miners are posing stiff challenges for organizations, Lastline allows companies to remain a step ahead of the attackers and defeat them effectively through advanced behavioral analytics.

We offer an adaptive technology that leverages rich contextual data and AI to detect zero-day threats in email servers and networks and nip the threats in the bud

With the combined impact of knowledge and experience, companies can decrease the risk resulting from the lack of qualified cybersecurity candidates.

The company’s network security solution observes an enterprise’s network with an eye for insider and external threats that could be extracting data, or corrupting the same. The network analytics ability of the solution makes it possible to identify affected systems, lateral movement, as well as local systems that may be leaking information to external systems.

The availability of Lastline products as software proved advantageous to a US-based bank that had over 20,000 employees on a distributed network. The bank’s main challenge was that they used legacy equipment, and several vendors that they approached demanded the installation of expensive hardware in tandem with software. The company engaged Lastline to resolve the issue. Lastline’s software-based solutions provided the client with the needed visibility of the functioning and complexities of the network without having to purchase additional, expensive security appliances.

Kruegel is aiming to tap new opportunities to improve the existing products and help Lastline spread wings geographically. Having launched the latest version of their software recently, Lastline turns its focus on enhancing their technology portfolio. “On a bigger picture, we live by our tag—AI Done Right— and Lastline leaves no stone unturned to demonstrate that,” concludes Kruegel.

Lastline Inc.

Redwood City, CA

Christopher Kruegel, Co-Founder & CPO

Lastline, Inc. provides innovative AI-powered network security products that detect and defeat advanced cyber attacks attempting to enter and operating within your network. The company protects a network, email, cloud, and web infrastructures, minimizing the risk of damaging and costly data breaches with fewer resources and at a lower cost. It uniquely applies AI to the combination of network traffic and malware behaviors, delivering a single, comprehensive incident that identifies all malicious activity and affected systems across the compromised network, with minimal false positives. The result is improved efficiency and productivity of scarce security resources. Lastline solutions are cost-effective and can be deployed as on-premises software or cloud service

Lastline Inc.