Logsign: Comprehensive SIEM and SOAR to Secure Businesses

Veysel Ataytur, CEO
Ensuring security in today’s edgy, “beyond-cloud” enterprise environments requires a multi-pronged approach. Cybersecurity measures, ought to be responsive, automated, and orchestrated, and are no more mere processes confined to the IT department alone. With that, the need for an all-round cybersecurity solutions provider has become more imperative than ever. Enter Logsign, a fully featured SOAR and SIEM solution provider that enable SOCs and CSIRTs to manage incident response processes effectively to strengthen cybersecurity infrastructures. The company provides on-time detection, interactive communication among team members, interactive investigation, automation of security tools and faster response to incidents.

“Our flagship SIEM offering is primarily focused on security intelligence, log management, and easier compliance reporting; we have also developed a cutting-edge SOAR solution. Considering the vitality and requirement of security orchestration tools, machine learning, and SOCs, SOAR enforces stronger defense, along with faster responses, and requires lesser personnel, time, and effort,” asserts Veysel Ataytur, the CEO of Logsign. He explains that data breaches occur due to the absence of adequate security skill-set, incident response processes, along with undefined or inefficient workflows, repetitive tasks, alerts, gaps on defense, overloaded staff, and longer response times. For such scenarios, Logsign’s SOAR solution provides an all-round approach for addressing these challenges successfully and delivers real value to its customers.

Logsign’s SOAR is smartly designed to address SOC’s and computer security incident response team’s (CSIRT) problems with an objective to make security orchestration easy. The solution automates as well as enhances security interactions between teams, bots, and playbooks; the communication may span across human to human, human to machine, and machine to machine. On a single workbench, teams can see every detail about what security measures they ought to take.

Scalability, seamless integrations, interactivity, and workbench strategy along with our thinking and pricing gives us a competitive edge in the market

Logsign also has designated bots that provide dominant control over the security infrastructure which ultimately increases interactivity to a great extent.

With a growing list of clientele, the firm currently caters to over 500 customers, creating several success stories across industries including retail, healthcare, higher education, energy and utilities, government, financial services, and media and entertainment, among many others. Apart from their SOAR and SIEM, Logsign also offers log management, threat intelligence, behavior analysis, file integrity monitoring, security intelligence, and security analytics solutions that substantiate their overall expertise and capabilities as a cybersecurity solutions provider. “We design and believe in our products. Being innovative and making a difference is the prime objective of Logsign. Scalability, seamless integrations, interactivity, and workbench strategy along with our thinking and pricing gives us a competitive edge in the market,” adds Ataytur.

Logsign is currently planning to expand its presence in the North American market. They are also looking forward to adding machine learning to their core solution stack in order to address various customers’ needs and expectations. Additionally, Logsign’s SOAR has been seamlessly integrated with Logsign SIEM besides other similar solutions. “Over the years, we have added all our SIEM experience into our SOAR solution, and we believe it to be a game changer now and in the future,” concludes Ataytur.


Istanbul, Turkey

Veysel Ataytur, CEO

Since 2010, Logsign has acquired the vision of strengthening the cyber defense of institutions. Logsign believes that cybersecurity is teamwork and that security solutions have to be much smarter. The company provides continuous innovation, ease of use, and intelligent solutions by taking into account the technology and necessities of all its stakeholders, and it works as a teammate along with all its stakeholders. Along with with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation and Event Intervention (SOAR) solutions, it actively provides services for more than 500 medium and large scale companies and state institutions