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Sezen Uysal, CEO
When it comes to the cybersecurity marketplace, larger enterprises have always had the upper hand in acquiring the most sophisticated solutions available, and SMBs and homes more often than not, get sidelined. For the smaller players, security assurance is beyond the reach, both in terms of feasibility and financial viability. These companies fall short in gaining skills, expertise, and personnel in achieving all-round cybersecurity objectives. Having positioned their unique value proposition to fill this precise vacuum is a company called Roqos.

All of the Roqos’ security offerings are based on transparent, open-source technologies, which are essential in cybersecurity solution, and can be leveraged with smaller CAPEX and affordable OPEX. They provide SD-WAN and UTM services with cybersecurity, VPN, and parental/employee controls via their Roqos Core UTM appliances available for homes and companies. Furthermore, Roqos updates its Core UTM SD-WAN appliances regularly and automatically according to their threat intelligence database and newer software. The company also offers an easy-to-use interface, as well as real-time notification of network events and suspicious activities.

Roqos has built its backend systems to manage Roqos Core UTM SD-WAN appliances and the Roqos Cloud to integrate them with service provider systems easily. Instead of having an open management port which is potentially a security loophole, Roqos Core appliances make authenticated and encrypted outbound connections to Roqos Cloud for constant remote management. “We think the first step of cybersecurity is to determine what’s inside the network with a comprehensive scan. Next is to learn usage patterns and differentiate normal usage from unusual ones,” asserts Sezen Uysal, the CEO of Roqos. He continues, “by learning about user activities and enforcing various filtering techniques, service providers can easily implement remotely managed and frequently updated parental or employee control service for their customer s .” They can limit access to the internet, or to certain social media or streaming sites during specific times of the day for effective parenting in homes, and increased productivity in the work environment. In this process, Roqos collects valuable usage and hardware data but keeps them on its Core UTM appliances for privacy.

This anonymized data can be used for several important purposes, such as detecting zero-day attacks, determining patterns of new malware, abnormal internet behavior, and as also for creating a database for computing and IoT devices for future fine-tuned services.

Our goal is to protect every single home and every single business with a Roqos solution, so that they can enjoy a more connected, safer, and smarter life

The company also provides a complete cybersecurity solution from the UTM appliances to NOC via Roqos’ Operations Management System to manage constantly connected Roqos Core appliances.

The success story of a client best exemplifies the capabilities of Roqos’ solution stack. A customer with offices around the world where some countries block specific sites and services decided to use Roqos Core UTM appliances with VPN at each location and interconnect them to get seamless network operations while accessing every site on the internet. Roqos made the feature possible with their easy-to-use phone app that does not require networking skills. Also, Roqos’ VPN offered a simple click-and-connect that eliminates the need for tedious VPN setup and configurations.

Looking into the future, Roqos is steadily growing threat intelligence by using data from several resources such as from universities to government agencies and non-profit organizations to commercial sources. They are also building an AI-based solution that will extract intelligence directly from the data that Roqos platforms collect. The company is also working on a solution to support other open-source routers such as OpenWRT, toward creating an ecosystem among hardware manufacturer and open-source communities. Additionally, regarding expansion, to support their EMEA operations more effectively, the company is planning to open an office in that region by early 2019. “Our goal is to protect every single home and every single business with a Roqos solution, so that they can enjoy a more connected, safer, and smarter life,” concludes Uysal.


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Sezen Uysal, CEO

Roqos is Security as a Service (SECaaS) company providing cybersecurity, parental/employee controls, and VPN services to homes, businesses, and service providers. The company harnesses state-of-the-art technology to provide a safer, more secure online environment for the entire business and family while protecting from harmful online content and malware. Roqos Core WiFi VPN router is the primary router that is in-line with Internet traffic that examines every packet to and from the Internet providing not only parental controls but also cybersecurity protection to every smart devices in home such as gaming systems, thermostats, door locks, and many more. Roqos Core is also an open-source and transparent platform