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Jason Smith and Pasha Probiv, Co-Founder & CEO
In the digital age, when critical assets are not fortified from cyber security breaches, corporations can face distressful consequences. Today, more often than not, security holds more importance than the functionality of digital products. Despite the influx of innovative technologies centered around cybersecurity, vendors have failed to curb security breaches, data infringements, ransomware attacks, and similar cyber threats that loom large. Evidently, the need of the hour is a strategic approach that ‘fights fire with fire,’ thereby preventing attacks before they even occur. “My company offers a proactive approach to preventing cyber-attacks,” begins Pasha Probiv, co-founder & CEO, White Hack Labs. “Through our strategic approach, we can uncover weaknesses that the actual attackers would use to breach systems or deploy malware.”
As a trailblazer of penetration tests and vulnerability assessments, White Hack Labs has evolved into an enterprise security pioneer that continually helps businesses safeguard their enterprise assets. The firm offers preventive measures and performs attack simulations on IT systems, thereby generating extensive data for clients that help strengthen their security posture. “We help them manage risks and avoid being breached, avoid being in the news, avoid public humiliation, and ultimately, lose the trust of the customers, which is the most important one,” includes Probiv.
Justin Dolly, CSO of Sauce Labs—an organization that collaborated with White Hack Labs—mentions that the firm offers one of the largest and comprehensive cloud testing solutions in the world, accrediting the breach prevention expert’s automated continuous testing capabilities. The CSO’s words also shed light on the highest security standards upheld by the White Hack Labs team. He claims that, with White Hack Labs, compliance measures are receiving much more attention and that, previously third parties had provided them with an inefficient assessment of their security posture.

Through our strategic approach, we can uncover weaknesses that the actual attackers would use to breach systems or deploy malware

“White Hack Labs helped in solving a couple of initiatives in one fell swoop effectively,” adds Dolly. “White hack labs impressed me with their level of engagement, attention to detail, depth of expertise in the team, and their flexibility in providing a high-quality service, which is rare in the market.”
The engagement with Sauce Labs also highlights the teamwork, comradery, and flexibility with which teams work together on such initiatives, thereby safeguarding the technological architecture for clients. Interestingly, Dolly also acknowledged the adaptability of White Hack Labs’solutions, the structure of their workflow, and the ability to identify technological flaws. “I would strongly suggest White Hack Labs to any company looking for a well-researched, high-quality assessment of their security posture,” added Dolly.
Reflecting on such collaborations and the current payment solution providers landscape, Probiv says that businesses are at a heightened risk of cyber-attacks today. “When a fintech company processes payments, we have to make sure those systems are integral in the sense that the money is going to be received by the party that was to receive it and not a foster or a third party,” mentions Probiv. He adds, “We are going to be more focused on that area in the future.” Another distinct avenue that the firm is doubling down on is the darknet monitoring services for existing and new clients, allowing key stakeholders to access the information they need quickly.

White Hack Labs

New York, NY

Jason Smith and Pasha Probiv, Co-Founder & CEO

White Hack Labs is headquartered in New York, and was founded in 2018. The firm strongly believes that penetration testing, vulnerability assessments ensure both security and trust as they help companies prepare for a cyber-attack

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