Top 10 Cybersecurity Consulting/Services Companies - 2018

Present-day cyberattackers are better equipped and astute in their efforts to deploy tools like encryption and AI which are used against organizations, to find vulnerabilities and make their networks weak. The possibility of having to face more advanced threats and attack strategies, along with a shortage of resources, has cybersecurity service providers working endlessly to come up with innovative mechanisms, not only to detect and block attacks but to also prevent them from happening again.

Modern-day technologies like big data analytics, cloud computing, and IoT have changed the way people work, and many companies are adapting to make the change from the long-established customary standards to a newer digital model. It is critical for these companies to understand the latest patterns that have an impact on their cyberhealth, such as improper cybersecurity infrastructure, supply chain threats, and cryptocurrency-mining malware, to name a few.

Amidst all the chaos and the plethora of solution providers available on the web, companies are finding it hard to make a decision selecting the right cybersecurity solution that is best suited to their work culture. To that end, organizations are utilizing cybersecurity consultants to survey security concerns in order to stay up-to-date with security protocols, and identify reliable and cost-effective solutions to create secure work environments.

This edition of CIOReview aims at giving the readers an insight on cybersecurity service providers that have demonstrated strong capabilities in helping organizations reduce the risk of being breached. A distinguished panel comprising CIOs, CEOs, VCs, analysts, and the editorial board of CIOReview has come together to find the ten most promising companies in this arena.

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Cybersecurity Consulting/Services Companies - 2018.”

    Top Cybersecurity Consulting/Services Providers

  • 1

    Offers intelligence and cybersecurity services to government and non-government organizations and eliminates vulnerabilities within critical infrastructures

  • 2

    Creates specialized and innovative security solutions while adding knowledge and imparting education to the security community

  • 3

    Provides a full range of networking and cybersecurity services to include architecture, engineering, hardware and software solutions, and Red Teaming, penetration testing, and assessment services and serves defense, civilian, and commercial customers worldwide

  • 4

    Develops cyber security solutions to invigorate the IT nomenclature of its clients

  • 5

    Offers cybersecurity, parental/employee controls, and VPN services to homes, businesses and service providers

  • 6

    BAE Systems

    BAE Systems

    A global defence, aerospace and security company offering wide-ranging products and services cover air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, information technology, and support services

  • 7

    Booz Allen Hamilton

    Booz Allen Hamilton

    Offers strategy and technology consulting, organization, change, and process improvement, program management, cybersecurity solutions

  • 8



    A global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services

  • 9



    A global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services

  • 10

    Optiv Security

    Optiv Security

    Helps clients plan, build and run successful cyber security programs that achieve business objectives through our depth and breadth of cyber security offerings