Top 20 Cyber Security Companies - 2017

Technological disruptions such as cloud, IoT, and mobility have made cybersecurity an absolute necessity to protect enterprises from threats like ransomware, DDoS and phishing attacks. In order to protect their clients’ sensitive data, enterprises need to keep updating their approach towards cybersecurity as the attacks become increasingly sophisticated with the fast-paced technological evolution.

DDoS attacks on IoT devices can be quoted as one such instance. Though connectivity among systems is greatly valued, botnets or networks of infected computers can cause serious damage to the functioning of an enterprise. Even phishing attacks have moved beyond simple—from poorly constructed emails to creative ones with attractive offers that drive victims to click on links. Also, there is the increasing threat of ransomware, where the victim is monetarily exploited with their personal information as leverage. To counter these scenarios, enterprises’ focus should shift from protection to prevention. It is critical to remember that safety, reliability, and privacy are an integral part of cybersecurity.

In answer to these demands for cybersecurity, there are numerous companies that offer solutions, but enterprises should invest in the right provider that suits their specific necessities in order to extract the full value of their investment. It is essential to identify the providers who understand the dynamics of the market and continue to upgrade their approach towards cybersecurity with regard to potential technological disruptions. In an effort to assist the decision-makers in upholding the safety of their working environments and the integrity of their clients’ data, CIOReview has charted out “top 20 companies” offering tailor-made and efficient solutions for cybersecurity.

We present to you “20 Most Promising Cyber Security Solution Providers - 2017.”

    Top 20 Cyber Security Companies

  • 1

    ACS offers encryption at the keystroke layer and protects any data transmitted by the endpoint

  • 2

    AnchorFree provides 500 million people with a freedom and privacy platform, for mobile and web access, making all applications and websites, secure, private, and accessible

  • 3

    Leverages deep learning and advanced neural networks together for real-time monitoring and reducing online fraud

  • 4

    A SaaS-based risk analytics platform for user and entity behavior powering cyber threat detection

  • 5

    Edge Technologies is spearheading paradigm-changing technological innovation to provide enterprise-wide cybersecurity detection and protection through advanced technologies

  • 6

    The company offers digital certification and authentication technology for a mobile environment, especially sensitive institutions like banks and healthcare providers

  • 7

    Offers a wide range of defense and security solutions to strengthen global security, and provide essential physical protection and cybersecurity services

  • 8

    Company's patented software combines a variety of physical and behavioral attribution modules that forensically attribute the identity of a human interacting with a device

  • 9

    Provides leading-edge cybersecurity products and solutions to protect industrial networks and control systems from security attacks and harmful events

  • 10

    Delivering real-time cyber defense solutions through the perfect combination of products, innovation and partnerships

  • 11

    Prevents account takeover through early-warning breach detection

  • 12

    Offers platform that understands assets, networks and vulnerabilities, and provides visibility into asset on any computing platform

  • 13

    Provides a quickly deployable cloud offering diffuses companies’ cybersecurity risk while protecting employee privacy

  • 14



    Provides organisations of all sizes with highly intelligent security solutions

  • 15

    CyberArk [NASDAQ:CYBR]

    CyberArk [NASDAQ:CYBR]

    Provides targeted security solutions that helps in preventing cyber attack escalation before irreparable business harm is done

  • 16



    Offers a single platform that blends innovative security technologies, nation-state grade threat intelligence, and our world-renowned Mandiant consulting

  • 17



    Provides email security solutions to the solve the issues related to data leak prevention, targeted threat protection and more

  • 18

    Palo Alto Networks [NYSE:PANW]

    Palo Alto Networks [NYSE:PANW]

    Provides cybersecurity solutions that safely enable applications and prevent cyber breaches for organizations

  • 19



    Offers security solutions which are simple to deploy, manage, and use and provides protection against complex threats and data loss

  • 20

    Symantec [NASDAQ:SYMC]

    Symantec [NASDAQ:SYMC]

    Provides an effective range of information security solutions for advanced threat protection