Top 10 Cyber Security Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

Professional services automation (PSA) refers to a full-scale software suite developed to assist specialists in project and service oriented businesses. By leveraging PSA, professional services providers can manage client engagements throughout the project lifecycle, beginning with sales, allocating resources to deliver the work and ends when payment is collected. And at the same time, PSA helps plan, manage, and measure the performance of each project. This enabled services providers to deliver more predictably, and also streamline or automate repetitive manual processes.

PSA enables not only trackingof key performance indicators but also helps draw insights required to allocate resources intelligently and increase profitability. This is done by automating time-consuming processes such as project planning and scheduling, financial reporting, and workflow management. Artificial intelligence enabled PSA helps predict when projects can be delivered by taking into account available resources and also make timely and informed decisions about future resource forecasting. When it comes to increasing productivity, PSA is extremely useful since it provides a set of tools for assigning the right people to the right tasks at the right billing rates. On one hand, PSA helps identify lower resolution utilization rates and on the other, aids in achieving higher utilization rates through improved team collaboration.

PSA helps track planned versus actual spending and captures non-billable time and expenses that comprise a significant portion of a budget. By providing information about projects and clients that contribute the most to profitability, PSA paints a clear map of where revenue is being generated and lost. Further, professional service providers can have an accurate picture of resource distribution on projects and see revenue, cost, and profit per each role. These insights can then be utilized to better plan and allocate resources for higher project margins. PSA breaks down information silos and ensures vital data overview across all levels to turn operations into a well-oiled machine.

At this juncture, there are a wide variety of PSA solution providers entering the market with a set of advanced offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed PSA solutions; CIO Review has compiled a list of Most Promising Professional Services Automation Solution Providers and Service Providers. The enlisted organizations are enabling professional service providers to improve operational and financial performance. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you CIO Review’s, “10 Most Promising Professional Services Automation Consulting/Services Companies - 2020.”

    Top Cyber Security Consulting/Service Companies

  • 1

    Avertium is one of the leading providers of managed cybersecurity services serving more than 1,000 customers in the retail, healthcare, hospitality, financial services, manufacturing and government sectors.Founded from the merger of three award-winning cybersecurity firms, Avertium is one of the largest providers serving the mid to large enterprise market squarely focused on overcoming the specific cybersecurity challenges faced by the many organizations of this size. The company continues to expand its services to meet market needs. This year, it partnered with best-in-class technology companies to begin providing new managed security services that include ZTN (Zero Trust Networking), vulnerability scanning and multi-factor authentication management

  • 2

    BreachLock delivers an on-demand, continuous, and scalable security testing for cloud and DevOps-powered businesses

  • 3

    Central InfoSec strengthens the security posture of businesses by reducing cyber risk through offensive security testing, penetration testing, web application assessments, managed phishing services, managed vulnerability scanning, tailored security training, and resource staffing

  • 4

    Today's advanced networks allow businesses to share information with their employees, business partners and customers. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow businesses to leverage the power and cost advantages of the Internet. But with the advance of these systems and networks comes exposure to losses from viruses, hackers, spyware and other threats. Network performance and employee productivity is threatened by non-business Internet use

  • 5

    CyberSheath is a managed security services company that offers cybersecurity with mandatory compliance audits to protect its client’s intellectual properties. CyberSheath is a managed security services company that handles the technical, cybersecurity, and compliance aspect for defense contractors and protects their intellectual properties. CyberSheath, as a trusted third-party managed service provider, simplifies compliance for its clients in three stages, (assess, implement, manage) AIM™. CyberSheath ensures that its clients’ stay complaint for a long-term throughout the lifecycle of their relationship. The company has diverse clientele across various industries. Amid the continually changing regulations, CyberSheath helps their clients achieve compliance quickly and cost-effectively while optimizing their operations

  • 6

    CyberSix is a pioneer in delivering a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services to clients. The company leverages the experience of CISOs to build their service suite that caters to both military and commercial applications. CyberSix designs and develops its services based on the most advanced technologies that startups bring to the table. Dedicated to delivering industry-best services to clients that meet their requirements, the company evaluates, tests, and implements their solutions before delivering them to clients. The company’s primary and the most fundamental service is the virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) that offers executive cyber leadership for organizations struggling to hire a full-time CISO

  • 7

    EverC provides tools that help detect and eliminate fraudulent transactions processed through legitimate merchants for illicit purposes. EverC protects clients from hefty fines, chargebacks, and reputational damage caused by unknowingly facilitating money laundering and other criminal activity. The company’s flagship product, MerchantView, is a SaaS solution that offers payment processors, acquiring banks, payment facilitators, and online marketplaces the visibility into their entire payment ecosystem, with the flexibility to tailor their merchant risk profiles to ensure only legitimate transactions are processed. At its core, MerchantView leverages artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning to sift through the endless amount of data available online

  • 8

    Provides innovative and affordable network and system security protection services

  • 9

    Tego Cyber Inc. delivers comprehensive threat intelligence, helping organizations react promptly to threats and improvetheir security investment. The company offers a Threat Intelligence Platform that identifies known threat indicators and malicious actors through aggregated real-time global cyberintelligence. The platform integrates with SIEM products, such as Splunk, searching for threats within the client enterprise environment. The Threat Intelligence Platform provides context around the threat, including why it is a threat, where and when it is found, and how relevant the threat is. The company prides on its highly-experienced executive team, including veteran government officials, with combined 75 years of experience in technology and cybersecurity

  • 10

    Black Hills Information Security

    Black Hills Information Security

    Creates specialized and innovative security solutions while adding knowledge and imparting education to the security community. Predominantly focused on evaluating IT infrastructure security by understanding and eradicating vulnerabilities, BHIS specializes in pen testing, red teaming, and threat hunting and offers innovative and cost-effective security solutions. As one of the leaders in the information security industry, BHIS has rolled out several free tools over the years that help organizations to assess the security vulnerabilities of their cloud and on-premise infrastructure efficiently. The company experts share their security knowledge through blogs, regular webcasts, open-source projects, development of assessment tools, and Backdoors & Breaches card game