Top 10 Cybersecurity Companies - 2018

With continually evolving cyber threats like malware, DDoS, phishing attacks, and increased breaches, cybersecurity has become an absolute necessity for businesses to protect and secure their data. Organizations that are successful in cybersecurity are those investing in surveillance and reconnaissance tools. These firms can show their digital attack surface appears to attackers, a collection of widely dispersed digital assets that can be exploited in a variety of ways. By taking steps such as patching and updating systems, many enterprises can avoid the vulnerability factor and safeguard it against attacks.

Due to the increasing demand for the set up of best practices in cybersecurity, many service providers and security consulting firm are providing strategic advice, assistance, and solutions to public and private sector clients. The development in its advanced defense systems, which not only guarantee safety but also curb the scare is noted. The rise in the widespread use of new technological adaptations like the cloud, IoT, tokenization, deep learning, mobility, and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation and Event Intervention (SOAR) has brought with it a rise in sophisticated cybercrimes. Many firms are taking a proactive approach toward protection through preventive measures for additional security. Organizations seek to eliminate the vulnerability factor from the cybersecurity equation to keep their systems free from threats and catastrophic breaches.

Technologies like AI-powered network security, strengthened real-time defenses with the right firewalls, antivirus packages, and encryption tools to protect their networks and data from unauthorized access. The ultimate goal of all cybersecurity providers is to improve information security and business continuity management. The providers have geared up to support the organizations by providing intuitive hardware devices powered by purpose-built software: it is not only supporting the rise of technology in the field of business security but also incorporated smart devices for quicker detection.

The cybersecurity providers for companies utilize standards-based letter grades on various risk categories, along with data on how to mitigate each risk in priority basis. The system is deployable, powered by next-generation risk assessment solutions, and also help companies to partner with supply chain vendors. To tackle all kinds of security breaches, providers can identify compromised credentials by checking each login against a catalog of exposed credential information and pinpoint the location of origin of the attack. Many other services have solutions that are cyber aware and on the constant lookout, contributing to a strong security information revolution running within the IoT. At the helm of helping enterprises with advanced cybersecurity solutions amidst growing digital footprints and challenges around budgeting, experts are leveraging the latest technology, and are architecting solutions to identify and eliminate the new-age threats proactively. Enterprises must identify a solution provider from the numerous companies that offer such solutions—one who understands market dynamics and continues to upgrade their approach toward cybersecurity along with the potential technology disruptions. To assist the decision-makers in upholding the safety of their workplaces and the integrity of their clients’ data, CIOReview’s editorial board has shortlisted the most cutting-edge solutions that offer tailor-made and efficient solutions for cybersecurity.

We present to you “10 Most Promising Cybersecurity Solution Providers-2018.”

    Top Cyber Security Companies

  • 1

    Barrier1 Systems, Inc. provides robust physical barriers with unique capabilities that meet specific needs and requirements of the Customer. Barrier1 Systems is the manufacturer and owner of its products, including the design, engineering, and testing for the products. With extensive R&D and testing from over 15 years, products have been developed and enhanced. Barrier1 Systems provides a multitude of options regarding electronics, alarms, and controls to meet customer needs. This includes infrared light detectors, vehicle automatic activation tags, wireless remote controllers, various indicator lights on control panels, card readers, radar and wrong-way vehicle detection, camera systems, tamper alarms, and other devices

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    Lastline, Inc. provides innovative AI-powered network security products that detect and defeat advanced cyber attacks attempting to enter and operating within your network. The company protects a network, email, cloud, and web infrastructures, minimizing the risk of damaging and costly data breaches with fewer resources and at a lower cost. It uniquely applies AI to the combination of network traffic and malware behaviors, delivering a single, comprehensive incident that identifies all malicious activity and affected systems across the compromised network, with minimal false positives. The result is improved efficiency and productivity of scarce security resources. Lastline solutions are cost-effective and can be deployed as on-premises software or cloud service

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    Since 2010, Logsign has acquired the vision of strengthening the cyber defense of institutions. Logsign believes that cybersecurity is teamwork and that security solutions have to be much smarter. The company provides continuous innovation, ease of use, and intelligent solutions by taking into account the technology and necessities of all its stakeholders, and it works as a teammate along with all its stakeholders. Along with with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation and Event Intervention (SOAR) solutions, it actively provides services for more than 500 medium and large scale companies and state institutions

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    NormShield monitors enterprises’ external cyber risk posture and performs non-intrusive cyber risk assessments of its suppliers, subsidiaries, and target acquisitions. Using easy-to-understand scorecards, including our 60-second Rapid Cyber Risk Scorecard, the company provides standards-based letter grades on various risk categories, along with data on how to mitigate each risk in priority order. These scorecards are utilized by clients to measure the total shared security ecosystem with its partners and suppliers, and even monitor security improvements made by partners in real-time. NormShield’s customers range across financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and technology receive quality intelligence delivered as-a-service, enabling them to evaluate third-party risk and take prioritized preventive measures

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    Nuix creates innovative software that empowers organizations to simply and quickly find the truth from any data in a digital world. The team at Nuix is passionate and talented, delighting the customers with software that transforms data into actionable intelligence. Nuix software helps organizations overcome the challenges of litigation, investigation, risk, compliance, governance, and security. The platform is supercharged data processing, search, and intelligence software with an end-to-end solution. From the endpoint to the courtroom, the fully integrated platform exhibits open, extensible, and intuitive characteristics for users. The team at Nuix builds their expertise into its software

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    Enzoic specializes in cyber-security and fraud detection. It was created as a streamlined solution to detect compromised credentials with minimal friction for end users. The Enzoic team blends security expertise with innovation. Solutions that combine cloud security expertise and innovative, easy-to-deploy tools to layer-in with other security measures are deployed by Enzoic. Cybersecurity is a complex and ever-evolving market, compromised credentials remain a large risk for most organizations and the attackers are getting more sophisticated each year, which is why Enzoic is always readily equipped. With 80+ years of collective experience in the enterprise and commercial software industry, It was founded under the name PasswordPing in 2016.

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    PSG are developers of innovative, mission-critical Video Management Systems - VICADS and technical solutions for securing some of the world's most Critical Assets. The company offers a wide range of product platforms including, Intrusion Detection Systems, Access Control as well as a host of 3rd party products ranging from basic sensors to highly integrated and complex products such as Ground-Based Radar systems. PSG develops innovative, mission-critical Video Management Systems - VICADS and technical solutions for securing some of the world's most Critical Assets.

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    ROMAD Systems offers its customers new technology to protect personal computers, data, and computer networks. ROMAD Company is actively developing since 2007. The total experience of our professional team is more than 418 person-years. The company’s high professional team spent five years and 5 000000 USD on its self-funded research and development to bring an entirely new approach to fight malware. ROMAD’s Endpoint Defense - the most innovative antivirus of the next generation. It combats the families, not the strains. Malware Genetics ™ technology is the next logical evolutionary step in EDR methods.

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    System 1, Inc. earned its place as a boutique consultancy creating proactive solutions for assurance and resilience in infrastructure protection. From its inception, System 1, Inc. has since expanded its services in all areas of cybersecurity governance, such as design, implementation, assessment, and improvement, to support major North American energy providers, U.S. Federal Departments, State Government, and industry-leading organizations. We provide strategically, future-focused advising, assistance, and solutions to our clients. The team offers high-impact, cost-effective strategies through an innovative portfolio of services based on extensive functional experience and sector involvement.

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    VIRTIS, a full-service, woman-owned cybersecurity firm, is reshaping the dynamics of the cybersecurity landscape with its globally unique solutions and services. Its company culture instills empowerment and collaboration, believing that diversity and inclusion that breeds innovation. The team at VIRTIS is passionate about protecting organizations, and more importantly people’s private information from a data breach. VIRTIS has partnered with world-class cybersecurity suppliers, making it a global industry leader in protecting its’ clients’ business-critical and high-value assets. The Only Fully Managed Web Application Protection Service with globally unique, game-changing shielding technology on the market today