Central InfoSec: Cyber Security Predictions for 2021

James Morris, Founder and Principal Consultant, Central InfoSec
James Morris, Founder and Principal Consultant, <a href='https://www.centralinfosec.com/' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Central InfoSec</a>

James Morris, Founder and Principal Consultant, Central InfoSec

Central InfoSec believes that the huge influx of cyber attacks seen in 2020 is just the beginning. During the global pandemic, hackers have increased their attacks against businesses. Companies are seeing a large increase in attacks on their websites and web applications. Some companies are seeing over a 500% increase in attacks! Central InfoSec wants to lower the rate of successful attacks by strengthen the security posture of businesses by reducing cyber risk through penetration testing, web application assessments, security training, free capture-the-flag (CTF) exercises, managed cloud services, and cloud migration services.

More Companies Migrating Applications from On-Premise to the Cloud

Many companies are now realizing the overhead costs and burden of managing their IT infrastructure on-premise. This awareness is causing many companies to shift to cloud-based platforms. This migration can seem confusing and many businesses do not know where to start. Central InfoSec helps companies migrate their applications to the cloud. There are many benefits to migrating services and applications to the cloud. Efficiency, cost reduction, data security, scalability, and competitive edge are just a few of the benefits.

Companies Still Need Help with On-Premise Patching, Networking, & Security

The companies that are not migrating to the cloud, still need help with on-premise patching, networking, and security. Many companies are seeking third-parties to help with these items so that the companies can focus on running their business.

Demands for Backup & Disaster Recovery

Companies are testing their backup and disaster recovery plans more now than ever. Migrating services, applications, and databases to the cloud can help with backups and disaster recovery.


What happens to your business if your website goes down for 10 minutes? What about if your website goes down for hours? Companies that have not thought about connectivity and reliability are now starting to initiate those conversations and consider migrating to the cloud.

Switch from Desk Phones to VoIP

For years, desk phones have been the traditional method of voice communications in offices. Many companies are now switching to Voice over IP (VoIP) services which allow for phone calls to be made from computers.

Remote Workforce Technologies

With millions of people working from home that previous had not, there is a large demand for collaboration and communication tools. Video conferencing tools such as Zoom create more opportunities for live collaboration amongst teams. Video conferencing tools can also help companies maintain a better engagement from their remote workforce. Communication has always been a key to success, but now it is even more imperative considering the increase in remote workers. Applications such as Slack help employees quickly communicate with their team members as if they were working in-person with their teammates.

Permanent Work from Home

As employers recognize the cost savings of employing a remote workforce, working from home is going to become a permanent thing for millions of people. Allowing remote workers will increase the candidate pool for many companies. Companies that do not offer remote work and competitive remote-benefits are likely to fall behind

The Housing Market

Many experts have given their predictions on the housing market based on the millions of people that have lost their jobs. One consideration that is often overlooked, is the demand for larger homes with an extra room for dedicated office space. If multiple people are now working from home, families may look to increase the number of rooms by two. Multiply this across millions of people permanently working from home, and there will be a huge demand for larger homes with more rooms.

Artificial Intelligence within Manufacturing Plants

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been increasing throughout the past few years due to the decrease in production time and increase in quality results. The pandemic has led manufactures to invest heavily in more AI and more robotic technology that previous years.

Products / Services Evolving to Serve Clients Better in 2021

Managed Cloud Services

Central InfoSec helps companies migrate their web applications and services to the cloud. Central InfoSec offers fully-managed and co-managed options, along with 24/7/365 support!

Have Some Fun with a Free Capture-The-Flag (CTF)

Central InfoSec created a free Capture-The-Flag (CTF) exercise containing over 250 hacking challenges with various levels of difficulty. The CTF participants range from college students, people making a career shift into cyber security, and seasoned security professionals.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Central InfoSec offers Web Applications Penetration Testing services to identify vulnerabilities on websites and web applications.